Elite Cheerleading Inc. strives to stay on top of the ever-changing cheerleading industry. Elite has modeled their score sheets and difficulty grids off of the Worlds score sheets. To build off of our score sheets, Elite has brought in some of the top Worlds and National judges in the industry to help you know what to expect at Worlds or your Major competitions. Let Elite pave your road to Worlds and get feedback from Worlds and National Judges at a regional competition!!




General Routine Requirements:


  • Be sure to follow the music guidelines listed on usacheer.org.

Performance Area:

  • CHEER: All teams will compete on a 54’ x 42’ springboard floor.
  • DANCE: All teams will compete on a ’42x’42 Marley Floor, placed on a carpeted spring floor

Warm Up Area:

    • 54’ x 42’ Carpet bonded full floor
    • 42’ x 12’ (Minimum) Double Wide Spring Tumble Strip
    • Dance Teams will have the opportunity to warm up skills on a Marley surface, similar to the competition floor
    • Musical Player Provided (CD/MP3 Compatible) for full floor run through of routine
    • *Please be prepared with an alternative digital back up
    • All teams may perform a maximum of 2.5 minutes (minimum of 2 minutes)
    • All Star Prep routines may be a maximum of 2 minutes