1. SIDELINE – Perform one sideline that highlights basic motions and cheerleading techniques.

2. JUMPS – A toe touch is required for all men and women. Women may choose to perform other jumps as well (i.e. herkies, hurdlers, double toe touch etc.) that highlight their abilities.

3. PARTNER STUNTS (Optional) – Coed and all-girl stunts are
acceptable. The primary purpose for stunting is to demonstrate how well you perform basic cheerleading stunts (i.e. double-based elevators, walk up shoulder stands, extensions etc.).

4. DANCE – MEN are required to perform their school fight song. WOMEN are required to perform a dance routine of at least 8 eight counts in length. Women should NOT do their school fight song.

5. GYMNASTICS – A tumbling segment highlighting your gymnastic strengths. The following is recommended: standing back hand spring(s), round-off back hand spring(s), and back tuck. While it is not required to have each of the above skills, any gymnastics you are able to do will help us to determine your overall abilities. Regardless of your gymnastic ability, you must be able to spot a back handspring for instructional purposes. Many of our staff are not advanced tumblers. Do not let this portion of the requirements prevent you from applying. Some of our most successful staff members have had little or no gymnastic ability!

Video Notes

1. More than one applicant may be on a video; however, please include a name list of those trying out in the order in which they appear.

3. Please submit your videos ( via email, DVD, flash drive, youtube link) no later than May 15, 2024. If you have a conflict with the deadline, please call our office.

4. Videos and completed applications should be mailed to:

Elite Cheerleading Inc.
816 Grandview Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa 15211