General Information/Routine Requirements


  • Be sure to follow the music guidelines listed on

Performance Area:

  • CHEER:All teams will compete on a 54’ x 42’ Springboard Floor
  • DANCE: All teams will compete on a Marley Floor.

Warm Up Area:

  • 54’ x 42’ Carpet bonded full floor
  • 42’ x 12’ (Minimum) Double Wide Tumble Strip
  • Dance Teams will have the opportunity to warm up skills on a Marley surface, similar to the competition floor
  • Musical Player Provided ( CD/MP3 Compatible) for full floor run through
  • *Please be prepared with an alternative digital back up

Scoring System:

Routine Requirements:

  • Individual Group Requirements – Click Here 
  • All Cheer Teams may perform a maximum of 2.5 minutes (minimum of 2 minutes)
  • All Star Prep routines may be a maximum of 2 minutes
  • All Dance Teams may perform a maximum of 2 minutes and 15 seconds

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