Compensation for instructors is on a weekly basis. Instructors also have the opportunity to earn commission for recruiting. Most other camps require you to pay hundreds of dollars on your credit card for gas and hotel charges. We give our instructors the money up front!

Staff will be compensated for driving their own vehicle. For select cheer camps, Elite may provide a rental vehicle. In either case, Elite will pay  all gasoline and toll charges.

Many other cheer camps house their instructors in dormitory rooms not equipped with personal phones, television sets, or private baths. Another convenience of home that makes traveling with Elite the very best! Our national office makes all hotel reservations and Elite pays all hotel costs up front. Other camps have their staff pay for hotels, and later reimburse them.

Elite will conduct a 7-day training to prepare you for your instructional position. All meals are provided by Elite Cheerleading Inc. Transportation is the responsibility of each instructor to the training site. 

While many other cheerleading organizations will only guarantee you work for 4 or 5 weeks, ELITE OFFERS YOU A POSITION THAT INCLUDES AT LEAST 8 WEEKS OF WORK. Your paid employment will begin with the commencement of your first camp.

With Elite, staff clothing will cost you approximately $90. While most other organizations require their instructors to spend up to $200 on uniforms.