General Information/Routine Requirements:


  • Be sure to follow the music guidelines listed on

Performance Area:

  • CHEER:All teams will compete on a 54’ x 42’ Springboard Floor
  • DANCE: All teams will compete on a Marley Floor.

Warm Up Area:

  • 54’ x 42’ Carpet bonded full floor
  • 42’ x 12’ (Minimum) Double Wide Tumble Strip
  • Dance Teams will have the opportunity to warm up skills on a Marley surface, similar to the competition floor
  • Musical Player Provided ( CD/MP3 Compatible) for full floor run through
  • *Please be prepared with an alternative digital back up

Traditional Cheer Routine:

  • All Cheer Teams may perform a maximum of 2.5 minutes (minimum 2 minutes) including any or all of the following; cheer, dance, tumbling, and building to best showcase their team’s abilities.
  • Recreational and Scholastic Cheer Teams may select to perform their entire routine to music
  • Elite Reserves the right to ADD, DELETE, COMBINE OR SPLIT divisions in the interest of the competition


Scoring System:

High School Cheer

Varsity Grades 9-12

For all categories: Small 12 & Under, Medium 13-16, Large 17-20, Super Large 21-30

Category                                                                    Division

Mount                                             Small, Medium, Large, Super Large, Co-ed (2 or more males)

Non-Mount                                    Small, Medium, Large, Super Large, Co-ed (2 or more males)

Non-Gymnastics                           Small, Medium, Large, Super Large, Co-ed (2 or more males)

Category                                                                    Division

Junior Varsity 7th-12th grade                                  Mount, Non-Mount, Non-Gymnastics

Junior High  Grades 7,8,9                                         Mount, Non-Mount, Non-Gymnastics

Middle School Grades 6,7,8                                      Mount, Non-Mount, Non-Gymnastics

Elementary    6th Grade and Below                         Mount, Non-Mount, Non-Gymnastics

Cheer Game Day 

The Cheer Game Day Routine’s focus should be on crowd involvement. This routine will consist of three sections: a sideline, a traditional cheer (timeout or floor), and a musical portion (band dance, band chant, fight song, etc).  Each section should be no more than 1 minute for a total time not to exceed 3 minutes.  Any incorporation of tumbling or building should be used to enhance the crowd leading of the routines, but is not required.  The score sheet will consist of a section for the cheer/sideline and a section for the musical portion.  At Battle in the ‘Burgh! Game Day competition, announcer will NOT announce the required elements.  

The order for the Game Day Division will be as follows:  

1. Sideline (choice of offense, defense, or other crowd leading sideline)  

2. Traditional Cheer (timeout or floor)  

3. Musical Portion (Fight Song, Band Chant, Band Dance, etc)    

Specific Game Day Skill restrictions The following are prohibited in the Game day Division 

1. All Tosses 

2. Stunt inversions  

3. Released Twisting dismounts  

4. Single Leg Stunts are limited to liberties and liberty hitches 

5. Running Tumbling  

6. Standing Tumbling is limited to single skills * * Standing Tuck is allowed.  No Standing Fulls. Jump Tumble Connection is allowed

Dance Game Day

The Dance Game Day Routine is an opportunity for your team to showcase the skills that they perform when supporting their school programs.  Teams will have a maximum of 3 minutes to perform a FIGHT SONG, SPIRIT RAISING PERFORMANCE, and PERFORMANCE ROUTINE. Scoring for these portions is based on your team’s synchronization,  execution of movements, overall impression, game-day material, crowd connection and interaction, and overall choreography. At Battle in the ‘Burgh! Game Day competition, announcer will NOT announce the required elements.

Category descriptions (See score sheets for more specifics) 

  1. Fight Song: This section should incorporate skills and choreography that showcase a traditional fight song style routine. 
  2. Spirit Raising: This section should highlight a segment with emphasis on crowd appeal.  It should showcase routines that are performed during quick time outs, a pause in the game, or other Game Day relevant portions. 
  3. Performance Routine: This section should represent a typical game day appropriate performance that is meant to entertain.  It can be based in Jazz, Pom, Hip Hop, Kick, or any combination of these previous styles.  This section should be choreographed to a specific piece of music that can be related to their school team or popular music. 


Junior High Game Day         9th grade and below (male/female)       maximum 30 members

Junior Varsity Game Day      7th to 12th grade      (male/female)       maximum 30 members 

Varsity Game Day                   8th to 12th grade      (male/female)       maximum 30 members

Dance Divisions

All Dance divisions will be offered in Small (12 and under) and large (13 and over) groups

All Dance teams may perform a maximum of 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Category                                                                    Division

High School Dance Grades 9-12                              Jazz, Pom, Hip-Hop

Middle School/Junior High Grades 9 and Below   Jazz, Pom, Hip-Hop

Recreational Divisions

Division                                                                     Age

Twerps                                                                       6 and under

Termites                                                                     7-9

Mighty Mites                                                              10-12

Midgets                                                                      12-14

Rules Interpretation:

If you have any questions concerning the safety guidelines or legality of a stunt, pyramid or dance move, please follow the steps listed below:

Compliance with the rules is the coach’s responsibility.

  1. All correspondence must be in written form.  Due to the difference of interpretation and terminology, no phone calls will be accepted with regard to this matter.
  2. Send a videotape which contains the mounting and dismounting of the stunt, pyramid or dance move in question.
  3. We will review and respond back to you in written form.