We hope that you will take a few moments to review the following letter and comments that satisfied Elite clients have sent to us. While marketing and promotion tactics are necessary for some cheerleading organizations, we prefer to let the testimonials we receive speak for themselves!

Dolores Smith-Raymond,NE

An Elite Private Camp is the Best way for a team to become more effective! Gaining Skills, Confidence, and New Curriculum! Our team greatly benefited from the Individual Attention, Thank You Elite!

Mary Ohnmacht – Essex,IA

I saw improvements immediately, the girls has fun- but learned so much! The personalized atmosphere was very beneficial. I would request Elite and their staff again!

Tisha Brown-Sedan,KS

GREAT EXPERIENCE! We learned so much in two days, extremely satisfied with our experience. Our instructors were professional and superb to work with.

Katherine Holloway – Sumter,SC

We absolutely love the personalized atmosphere! The instructors were always encouraging while interacting with our team. I am extremely impressed and look forward to having Elite return next year!

Tiffany Frolo-Monessen,PA

The staff was amazing as always! We would never go anywhere else. The instructors were very adaptive and nice. Very accommodating to our needs.

Ashley Stenson – New Lexington,OH

Excellent camp! This our 3rd year with Elite and we are already looking forward to next summer!

Dawn McMillin-Channahon,IL

I’m so impressed with Elite and my girls loved it I’d never start a season without a home camp first. Elite is a high quality camp that comes to you while your team receives individual attention. Thank you for Everything!

Kenda Potts – Tipton,OK

The instructors were fantastic! They did exactly what we needed for our teams. I would recommend Elite without a doubt! It was one of our Best Camps Ever!

Derek Jackson-Onsted,MI

Great Staff! Treat them well, so we can have them back next year! The personalized atmosphere was beneficial for our team.

Demetrice Silver – Fredericksburg,VA

Excellent Job as Usual! The personalized atmosphere is very beneficial for my team!”

Donna Jennings-Felicity,OH

Wow, another fantastic camp with Elite! The instructors were awesome, the curriculum amazing. There’s no other camp for us. Thanks Elite!

LaKoya Yarborough – Houston,TX

Our instructors were the epitome of what a cheerleader should be, their presence was awesome during camp! Their attitudes were instrumental and helpful to all of our girls. We learned so much, I will definitely recommend Elite to other school in the area. Thanks Elite!

Ashley Kreke -Tuscola,IL

Great Job, Elite! We love the team personalization. Thank you for working with us!

Kay Welch – Pinelands,TX

Our squad has been very successful over the past several years as a result of the instruction and material learned from Elite. I won’t ever consider using anyone else! The curriculum is original and creative, that is why we use Elite year after year!

Molly Quinn -Abingdon,IL

We had a wonderful experience with Elite! The instructors had a great attitude that encouraged our team.

Meka Steele – Louisville,KY

I would recommend Elite to others, however, I want them all to myself! Great Job, Elite. I will see you next season.

Susie Solley -Ardmore,OK

The Elite instructors displayed great management skills and were very encouraging and complimentary! I feel the personalized attention was extremely beneficial for my team.

Carly Sheldon – Laceyville,PA

Awesome camp! We will sign up with Elite next year! I appreciated the daily phone call from the office!

Crystal Nichols -Rusk,TX

We had a wonderful camp! The instructors were awesome! They were positive with the girls and I could see growth in my team while they were teaching! Thank you Elite!

Chari Grogan – Willow Springs, MO

I am really impressed with Elite! The instructors are very knowledgeable and I love the special attention that they give to each of the girls! The personalized atmosphere was very beneficial!

Kimberly Reitler -Sarver,PA

We would highly recommend Elite. The instructors have sincere and caring attitudes as well as knowledge in all areas of cheerleading and dance. Thank you so much for taking your time to teach our girls.

Heather Burdick – Naples, FL

Camp was absolutely fantastic. The instructors were extremely talented and taught our teams some amazing choreography. I cannot wait until next summer!

Delores Smith -Lincoln,NE

With Elite, our squad received the individual attention they need!

Shelly Maddoux – Sayre, OK

The instructors had a great relationship with the squad. The personalized atmosphere is very beneficial! I would recommend Elite to other schools!

Dana McClain -Xenia,OH

The instructors were high energy and very professional. I would recommend Elite to other schools. We were very pleased and money well spent!

Mary Sinkule – Abbott,TX

Great Experience…Fun….Learned A lot! The instructors were awesome with my team!

Lauren Tetzloff – Georgetown,IL

The personalized atmosphere allowed the instructors to touch on everyone’s needs. The instructors were kind and patient, I as a coach learned a great deal also!

Ayanna Griffin – Houma,LA

The instructors were Fantastic! We were thoroughly pleased with our Elite experience! Every aspect of the camp was tailored to our squad and meant to bring us to another level. Thanks Elite!

Jeanine DeCapite – Leechburg,PA

We have had Elite for years and we will continue to do so in the future! We will always recommend Elite!

Cathe Bozich – Keewatin,MN

We prefer Elite! Our instructors kept our team moving and learning! Encouraging them to Never Give Up and to Do their best. We accomplished all that I asked for, Thank You.

Cathie Hunter – Lower Burrell, PA

I will always be thankful for everything Elite does for our team. The instructors connected with the girls and made them feel comfortable. I am confident that Elite will continue to be our choice.

Karla Baker – Murphysboro,IL

We thoroughly enjoyed camp! Our girls were able to learn a lot while still having fun. The instructors developed a strong relationship with the girls and it showed in their instruction and our progress. I will recommend Elite to others!

Becky Kuna – Imperial, PA

I am a new coach and was expecting a great camp because other coaches raved about Elite. However, the camp and instructors exceeded my highest expectations! We can’t wait until next year!

Brigitte Mathis – Fort Worth,TX

I really enjoyed the Elite Camp. Instructors had a great rapport and were very patient with my team. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Amber Barron – Hannibal, MO

We enjoy the direct focus on our team as we can see immediate improvements everyday! The personalized atmosphere helped the girls feel comfortable with the instructors!

Amanda Riley – Drumright,OK

Our Elite camp was the best thing I have done as a new advisor. I am confident in the material, and my girls learned a lot of valuable skills. Everything I wanted was covered, I am very impressed! Thank You.

Amanda Hemp – Middlebrook, VA

The personalized atmosphere was awesome! The instructors learned each girls name, listened to questions, and went with the flow of our needs! My team asked if we could have the Elite Camp next year! Great Job!

Cheryl Gross – Columbia Crossroads,PA

This is our third year having Elite! The rapport with our team was excellent and the one-on-one environment is a very effective way of instructing several levels of ability.

Lisa Stelter – Wampum, PA

YOU SPOIL US WITH THE QUALITY OF INSTRUCTORS. Every year with Elite has been a QUALITY CAMP because of the expertise, enthusiasm, knowledge and “PEOPLE” skills of your staff! Thank You!

Erin Doody – Glens Falls,NY

The personalized atmosphere was very beneficial for our team. The instructors were approachable, while encouraging our girls with motivational “pep talks”.

Jennifer Graff – Leetonia, OH

I LOVE working with Elite! Your staff is Always Accommodating, down to earth and easy to work with! I will always recommend Elite…without a doubt!

Kenda Potts – Tipton, OK

Our instructors were Awesome! They kept the girls on track and focused while making it FUN! We love Elite! You always send us Great Instructors to work with. Thank You.

Chelsey Schroeder – Marietta, OK

Elite is the way to go! The curriculum was original and creative. The instructors checked with me daily and the personalized atmosphere was very beneficial to my team. We really enjoyed camp!

Kimberly McGowan – Colonia, NJ

We started with Elite 12 years ago. Our instructors were knowledgeable, personable, prepared and on time! We will be requesting our instructors for 2014.

Dana Matt – Jamestown, OH

Great Camp! Great Curriculum! Great Instructors! Elite was exactly what we needed to have a fresh new look!

Heather Burdick – Naples, FL

Can’t wait for next year! The instructors enthusiasm and expertise was conveyed well. The girls love the personalized atmosphere and the original and creative curriculum!

Justine McCabe – Jeanette, PA

Elite exceeded our expectations! The instructors were very friendly and helpful. They bonded well with the girls from the start! Thank You Elite!

Gabrielle Brown – DeFuniak, FL

The individual attention is unlike anywhere else and I am very pleased with Elite! The attention to detail was very beneficial for our team.

Cathie Hunter – Burrell, PA

Our camp with Elite was by far the most organized, most successful camp we have ever experienced. The creative and challenging stunts, dances and cheer/sidelines were awesome. The professionalism and willingness working with the coaches was appreciated.

Jennifer Westphal – Hartley, IA

The instructors were fun and knowledgeable while complimenting each other. I would absolutely recommend Elite! And they came to us…

Bonnie Middleton – Jefferson, SC

The girls received so much individual attention! They were able to ask questions while bonding with the instructors. I would recommend Elite!

Taisha Tunnell – Towanda, KS

Our Elite Instructors were willing to work with our girls and make the curriculum work for us. Thank You for an awesome experience and a great start to our new season.

Kay Welch – Pinelands, TX

We will definitely be using Elite again next year! I am so impressed with the material and the good rapport the instructors had with our girls. The office staff worked very diligently to meet our needs and requests! Thank You Elite

Keilani Ware – San Antionio, TX

Our instructors were helpful, courteous and very knowledgeable. They made each student feel comfortable!

Shelley Diamond – Jerseyville, IL

I have used Elite for many years and the material is always original and creative! I would recommend Elite to others but I don’t want to give away our “secret” to having a unique curriculum.

Janell Starlin – Swansboro, NC

I love the personal feel that the instructors provided! I would recommend Elite to other schools! I love working with Elite.

Susan Cassidy – Glen Allen, VA

WE WOULDN’T DO IT ANY OTHER WAY! The instructors were in constant communication and met all of our needs. Elite, you’re the best!

Carolyn Dolan – Appomatox, VA

I am headed into my 20th year of coaching. I really like what you offer. Thanks for doing such a great job and having such a wonderful staff!

Jackie Baxley – Huntsville, MO

I have used Elite for the majority of my 19 years as a coach. It is always a rewarding experience. The girls always receive the personalized attention they need.

Mary Armberger- Damar, KS

With Elite, the cost is affordable and the instructors are great! The personalized atmosphere is very beneficial.

Katrina Hanson – Kewaskum, WI

I WILL RECOMMEND ELITE TO OTHERS…Hands Down! I cannot wait to have Elite back to our school! Each of our girls received personal attention from the instructors-It was a great atmosphere!

Amanda Scott – Saegertown, PA

“Our squad had worked with Elite for more than a DECADE- and we keep coming back. The personalized camp and individual attention are what we really love.”

Jenna Thompson – Bloomington, IL

Elite provided not only the best experience as a coach but also as a cheerleader. The instructors were eager to meet our needs. We learned so much more than we ever have at other cheer camps. THE INSTRUCTORS WERE GREAT AND WELL PREPARED.

Monty Mitchell – Zanesville, OH

Elite’s All Star National Championships was a great experience for all of our teams. The event was run professionally and on time. We will definitely be back!

Dawn Gailey – Industry, PA

We have been attending Elite’s Championships for the past three years. The girls loved every minute of the weekend. They said it was the most fun they ever had at nationals. Thanks Elite for doing such a wonderful job! We will be attending for many years to come!

Kimberly Lawson Braasch – LeMoyne, PA

After being introduced to Elite Cheerleading 22 years ago, my life changed. They exposed me to a whole new world of competitive cheerleading. Elite’s championship director, Theresa Nuzzo is a great role model for those serious about this sport and still stands as an innovator in the cheerleading world today. Thanks to Theresa and Elite for helping to shape my cheerleading career and for all the other lives they have touched as well.